إعلان مناقصة لتوفير مستلزمات و مستهلكات طبية

Dear Valuable supplier,

Medical Relief For Syria is inviting potential suppliers within the industry to participate in and submit an RFQ (Request for Quotation), for the category of:

  • Medical Consumables (RFQ- 05006EBL2020)
  • Medical equipment (RFQ- 05007EBL2020)
  • Medical Supplies-PPE Kits (RFQ- 05008EBL2020)


Medical Relief For Syria accepts partial quotations.

Please do apply to any or all RFQs attached based on your capacity and availability of items

Legally Registered suppliers are invited to participate in the below tender as per below instructions:

To prepare your Quotation:

Please read all sections on the attached RFQ carefully BY Clicking HERE .

  1. An official representative signs and stamps (with company stamp) where indicated and on all pages.

Note: You have the option to use your company letterhead; if you do so, ensure all sections on the RFQ document are included. Also sign/stamp every page.

  1. (For first time applicants/suppliers), kindly fill and sign the following attached documents (Code of Conduct, Supplier registration Form, Master terms and conditions)

Please provide a copy of Official company registration and Owner ID.

How to submit:

Offers should be submitted Via email to the following secured email address: nes-tender@medicalreliefforsyria.org

Note: that if any other MRFS email addresses are included in the email containing offer, the application will be disregarded and considered as disqualified

  1. Only send your scanned quote
  2. Please ensure that the scan is of good-quality and we can clearly read the pricing and information.
  3. Deadline for submission should not be later than 3rd June 2020 at 4:30 PM

You are kindly requested to abide by the dates & details mentioned in the attached documents.

All offers received after deadline or incorrect email will be rejected


If you have questions about the technical specifications of requested products, or about the submission process, you can contact one of the following in writing at

  1. Nes-logmanager@medicalreliefforsyria.org

No pricing information will be discussed