Procurement Officer

Procurement Officer

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: (3028-2)

Job Title: Procurement Officer

Application deadline: 28.05.2020

Other Information’s:

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

CVs should be in English Language and in Word or PDF format.

Job Requirements:        

Experience and technical competencies: (include years of experience)

  • 3-5 years’ Experience in Procurement and  Supply Chain Management
  • 3-5 years in similar field
  • NGO experience is an asset
  • Organizational Skills
  • Strong communication Skills
  • Genuine interest in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Arabic and English mandatory (oral and written)


Remuneration:  989 USD/month + (allowances).

Starting date:  Mid of June-20

Duration/ Type of contract: 6  Months, renewable dependent on both funding and performance.

Job Description:




  • Accountable for effective implementation of Organization Logistics procedures on each base of the NES Hub, in accordance with Organization policies
  • In charge of communicating Supply procedures to all departments on the whole mission.
  • Realize regular audit on each base (procurement and Supply files)

Fleet, Transport & Movements (goods)

 Nes Hub Level:

  • Supervise the movement SOPs of goods within the Hub.
  • Supervise cross boarding and movements (goods) between NES and KRI.
  • Supervise good movements and transfers  between Amuda and NES bases

 Base Level:

  • Support Logistics Managers for the efficiency of goods transportation according the need and the Organization procedures (transport contracts, Documentations, …)


  • Accountable Focal Point for all the Supply inside and outside NES

Procurement Management

 Nes Hub Level:

  • Ensure the respect of Organization procedures and donors requirements for all purchases done (adapted procurement procedure, respect of threshold, …)
  • Consolidate common market from each base for a global procurement if possible
  • Responsible of the harmonisation of the Procurement tools (Templates: PSR, SBA, contracts, PMC-CMC-INFLOW …)
  • Coordinate with Organization other missions and coordination for regional or international market;
  • In direct link with Coordination (Amman), the SCM is the only focal point with his/her counterpart in Amman
  • In direct link with Iraq Mission, the SCM is the only focal point with his/her counterpart in Iraq.
  • Responsible to create framework contracts according to needs in each base
  • Responsible for Supply Coordination at Hub Level , Regional and International level

 General:

  • Provide adequate support for the elaboration & implementation of the Hub Procurement Plan (activities and support);
  • Support all requesting departments in purchases request phase and follow-up, in coordination with budget holder / technical advisor/Administration (Market study, summary bid analysis, purchase, delivery follow-up, payment)
  • Supervise and provide close and regular support to logistics managers for a good efficiency of the supply chain without any delay in delivery (ad hoc purchase, frame contracts)
  • Supervise and provide close and regular support to the logistics managers for a good knowledge of local market (prices lists, suppliers lists, relationships with suppliers,…)
  • Supervise and provide close and regular support to the logistics managers for contractualisation (creation, follow-up, …)
  • Supervise and provide close and regular support to the logistics managers for the good implementation of the Purchases follow-up (PMC, regular communication with requesting department, …)
  • Supervise and provide close and regular support to the logistics managers for a good archiving of the purchase folders according the Organization procedures (documentations, validations,…)

 Base Level:

  • Support the Logistics managers on Procurment.
  • Responsible of regular meeting with the NES logistics base managers and PMs to follow up their purchase

 Opening new base:

  • Ensure all the procurement process for an opening phase.
  • Work closely with Log Operation Manager in order to provide weekly reconciliations for each base and monthly for the whole NES.
  • Supervise and provide close and regular support to the Logistics base department for an efficient management of projects requests.


 Finance and budget management

  • Nes Hub Level:
  • Support the Field Logistics Coordinator and participate actively in proposal writing and designing (BoQ, Logistics needs, …)
  • NES Bases:
  • Support Logistics Managers on Budget lines management (Expenses follow up, forecast, OFU, BFU…)

 HR management

  • Nes Hub Level:
  • Provide adequate support and regular training to the Supply department.
  • Ensure a proper carrier follow up of each staff in the logistics department (Job description, Individual Action plan, regular appraisal, …)
  • Supervise and provide close and regular support on planning of daily tasks of the logistic department.
  • Ensure proper follow-up for all HR aspects (contract, attendance, leaves, ..)

 Base Level:

  • Support logistics Manager to provide adequate support and regular supply chain training.

 Opening new base:

  • Support the base to ensure a proper recruitment of supply employee.


 Nes Hub Level:

  • Responsible of the security rules implementation in for supply link with the Field Log Coordinator

 Base Level:

  • Support Log Managers on the security rules implementation for supply link with the Field Coordinator
  • Support Log Managers on respect of internal security rules for all the logistics departments


 Nes Hub Level:

  • Provide Regular supply department Action plan to the Field Log Co
  • Ensure Reconciliation of monthly supply chain report for each bases
  • Report on monthly basis to the Field Log Coordinator and to the Logistics Coordinator:
  • Monthly narrative report
  • Updated Logistics tools: PMC –CMC-INFLOW + Inventory + Reconciliation tool + OFU and any other follow up tools implemented.

 Base Level:

  • Ensure good communication between logistics supply and all department (general meeting, bilateral meeting,…)
  • Provide logistics supply support and advice to Operational Team to ensure a smooth project implementation
  • Provide trainings to all departments in terms of Logistics supply procedure.
  • Participate actively to all meeting (weekly meeting, bi weekly support meeting …)
  • Provide any additional support upon request of Line Manager:
  • Ensure regular visit in all Bases (audit, reconciliation, training, framework, support …)
  • Ensure regular meeting with all Logistics Managers
  • Support all Logistics manager.

 Opening new base:

  • Participate actively on the work plan for supply and schedule for any opening of new area of intervention.

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Duty Station: Amuda with frequent travels in  NES

How to Apply:
Please send your CV to the following email/Link:

Please consider to mention the advert ID (Above) and the job title in the email subject.

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