Deputy MEAL Manager – Re advertised

Deputy MEAL Manager – Re advertised

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: (3050)

Job Title: Deputy MEAL Manager – Re advertised

Application deadline: 07.06.2020

Other Information’s:

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

CVs should be in English Language and in Word or PDF format.

Job Requirements:        

. University degree / Diploma or equivalent,

. Fluent in English (mandatory)

. At least 3 years of work experience in NGOS in the same areas including at position with management

o Good communication and interpersonal Skills

o lT skills: Comfortable with the use of Excel, Word , PPT and of an email account.

o Able to work under pressure.

. Rigorous.

. Team spirit.

Job Description:

lmplementation and supervision of M&E activities:

Assisting the MEAL manager in maintaining and updating the M&E plan for on-going programs and new

proBrams, including timeframe of activities, data collection methodology, tools to be used and expected delivery.

Through personal effort or management of MEAL staff participating in M&E activlties by designing quantitative and qualitative studies (including an analysis plan) to be conducted by the MEAL department.

When applicable, through personal effort or management of MEAL staff planninB the logisticat needs,

administrative needs, and duration of M&E activities. This includes the recruitment, training, and manaBement of enumerators(planning, supervision of data quality, etc-)

Through the recruitment and management of MEAL Staff collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitatave data and producing M&E reports, including adapted recommendations, and disseminate the results through feedback sessions, presentations and visualization techniques.

Working closely with program teams to ensure the follow-up of programs indicators. Support all program teams in conducting monitoring activities (review methodologies, assisting in the creation of analysis

plans and provide necessary trainings on design, sampling, XLS/ODK coding, data analysis, and reporting).

Participating along with MEAL Manager and other MEAL staff in Program Quality Follow Up exercises.

o Accountability and CRM:

. Working alongside the MEAL Mana8er and other teammates to develop tools, preferably using a community participatory approach, to be used to observe and study adherence to accountability;

. Assist the MEAL Manager in the creation and implementation of a viable and relevant CRM system in RAQ

. Builds the capacity of MEAL and other Sl staff with regard to accountability, complaints and response mechanisms;

. Taking part in the accountability mechanisms set up by Sl

. Ensure that relevant MEAL staff are reporting all negatlve feedback or lack of accountability, protection issues or “Do no Harm” policy breach to his/her line mana8er or appropriate pathways.

. Ensure that relevant MEAL staff check that complaint response mechanisms are established and are accessible to all stakeholders.

. Ensure that relevant MEAL staff check that complaints are registered and logged complaints into a formal database.

. Ensure that relevant MEAL staff check that complaints are addressed and that an appropriate and timely response is given to the complainant.

. Ensure that relevant MEAL staff participate in treining field teams on CRM information plan

LearninP – lnstitutional Knowled ee Buildins (IKBI and Database:

Through management of the Database MEAL staff, assisting the MEAL manager in creating and maintaining a database of M&E documents created and used by the MEAL department and program

teams inctuding surveys, raw and analyzed data, recommendations, and reports.

Assisting the MEAL manager in designing and implementing learning and IKB tools and cross-cuttin8 (lnter-sectorial) studies, as well as encouraging and assisting program to do the same.

Assisting the MEAL manaBer in the creation and maintaining of an information sharing tool to

disseminate lessons learned and recommendation to staff (owncloud, Recommendation Follow Up tool, etc.)

Ensuring Relevant MEAL staff are using, updating, sharing, and maintaining these data sharing and IKB tools.

Training and building the capacity of program teams on design, sampling, data analysis, and reporting; solidarités International Page2 o14


. Whenever applicable, gathering external studies conducted by other stakeholders that relate to programs being evaluated

o When applicable, providing recommendations on improving program and strategy (during

SWOT/Strategic workshops or by reporting to MEAL manager)

. Ensuring that database MEAL staff keep monitoring tools and files archived at 5l office accessible to the program team and updated on a regular basis.

Human Resources Management

. Participate in the recruitment and induction of national program staff.

. Ensure the regular appraisals of staff members under direct line management are conducted

. Assist the implementation of traininB and capacity building of the team, under the lead of PM and in

coordination with HR department as relevant.

. Partake in the assessment ofteam performance.

. Supervise and monitor potential conflicts within the teams and inform the PM in case of a problem.

Monitor the teams to ensure thât they are adhering to health and safety regulations.

. Ensure all staff comply with Sl Code of Conduct, security protocols and internal regulation while carrying out all activities.

Representation and Communication:

. Representing Sl and the MEAL department in internal and external meetings, trainings, workshops, working groups, and donor visits.

. Representing Sl on the field and with beneficiaries by providing information on services provided by Sl or otherwise, referring cases/needs, and acting in a professional and accountable manner.

. Upon request, attending base meetings/other internal/external meetings to receive or present updates on behalf of the MEAL manager.

. Ensure constant communication with the Sl program teams to have an in-depth understanding of Sl activities

. Participating in MEAL department meetings and reporting on his/her activities’ progress and

challenges/problems encountered. This includes providing constructive suggestions to improve the team’s activities.

. Prepare and submit weekly update reports on the progress of projects/activities to the PM.

Note: this position may require travel to the field. Flexibility in this manner is required.

The above list non-exhaustive one, nor limitative.

You could be asked other responsibilities and tasks within the framework of your job upon request from your line manager.

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Duty Station: Raqqa

How to Apply:
Please send your CV to the following email/Link:

Please consider to mention the advert ID (Above) and the job title in the email subject.

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