WASH Deputy Project Manager (DPM) -updated

WASH Deputy Project Manager (DPM) -updated

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 3633

Job Title: WASH Deputy Project Manager (DPM)

Application deadline: 15.09.2020

Other Information’s:

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

CVs should be in English Language and in Word or PDF format.

Job Requirements:

  • BSc or MSc in Civil Engineering
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in project management in an international relief or development setting including team management and liaison with various stakeholders (local communities, other NGOs, UN agencies)
  • Minimum 3 year of experience in WASH infrastructural programs, technical designs, BoQ development, construction, contractor management, preferably of water and sanitation infrastructure in urban areas
  • Proven know how in managing WASH-related activities
  • Advanced proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Demonstrated communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to train, mobilize, and manage both international and national staff
  • Flexibility and ability to multi-task under pressure

Proven ability to work creatively and independently both in the field and in the office


Job Description:


Under the supervision of the Project Manager (PM), the WASH Deputy Project Manager (DPM) is responsible for the implementation, management and development of WASH programs in NES especially in camps. The project’ activities includes rehabilitation/construction/improvements of Water, irrigation of sanitation infrastructure and facilities at community, institution and household level. The WASH PM is responsible for overseeing a technical team, working with network designers and contractors, ensuring high quality construction, coordinating with a range of actors, inside and outside of the NGO. The deputy Project Managers will be based in Areesha and Washokani camps.


Under the authority of:

  • Area Coordinator

Responsible of

  • Project Officers
  • Project Assistant
  • Daily workers
  • Contactors


Internal Relations:

  • Deputy Area Coordinator
  • FLAT Departments
  • WASH Technical Coordinator
  • Program Development & Reporting Department
  • Appraisal, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

External Relations:

  • Ministries, Municipalities and local administrations (LC, LACU)
  • Institutions (schools, health centres etc.)
  • Partner INGOs
  • WASH Working Groups
  • Shelter partner INGO/ Working Group
  • Local / International NGOs / UN Agencies active in the area.



The WASH DPM will be directly responsible for implementing and overseeing all WASH and Infrastructure programming in Hasake governorate and in the North line of Deir Ez-Zor (DeZ).

The DPM is responsible for the coordination and delivery of a range of WASH/Infrastructure projects that contribute to implementation of NE Syria WASH programming including:

  • water supply,
  • water networks rehabilitation,
  • waste water networks rehabilitation,
  • solid waste management
  • hygiene promotion,
  • community mobilization,
  • rehabilitation of schools, buildings, silos
  • livelihood components of project,
  • renewable energy supply and production,
  • any other aspects of the projects related activities

He/she will also be responsible for ensuring best practices and lessons learned are implemented, and oversight of project cycle management.

Accountability to Communities and Beneficiaries

The WASH DPM is responsible for ensuring that all relations with the communities with which we work are conducted in a respectful and consultative manner. Due attention must be paid to ensuring that communities are adequately consulted and informed about ACTED program objectives, activities, and methodologies. This is the responsibility of every ACTED staff member.

Position profile:

  1. Program Implementation

– Objective 1.1: Implementation of Water and Sanitation Program in Hassake and DeZ Governorates including camps

The WASH DPM is responsible for:

  1. Directly Managing all WASH infrastructure, solid waste management, and other WASH related projects being implemented in camps or off-camps
  2. Managing all project related staff for each of the projects that contribute to program field teams and ensuring that they are wholly involved in program planning, direction, and implementation thereof
  3. Regularly following up with the IPs and ACTED project engineers and others as required to ensure high quality, timely, budget efficient and effective project cycle implementation
  4. Provide technical inputs and guidance and ensure that technical quality and standards are considered during project implementation
  5. Ensure required inputs from Technical Coordinators are taken into consideration when request for support is triggered from Area or Country Coordination
  6. Direct responsibility and oversight for ensuring that all financial, logistics and administrative requirements are in place in accordance with ACTED FLAT procedures, including IPs procurement processes and contract management of private contractors and suppliers
  7. Prepare and regularly update the work plan, inform line manager on constrains in project implementation

and potential delays

  1. Collect technical information and analyze associated opportunities and risks on projects implementation and development
  2. Identify and collaborate with relevant technical authorities and partners
  3. Draft memos detailing lessons learned and best practices identified during the project – memos will be developed for internal and external partners
  4. Liaising externally with partners, and working groups to highlight successes, learn lessons and coordinate ACTEDs programs with other humanitarian organizations
  5. Represent, Coordinate and Liaise with project partners and key stakeholders such as local administrations, ministries, NGOs, communities and others where required.
  6. Develop team capacity at both the individual and group level by organizing/ facilitating trainings internally or through specialist agencies / individuals.
  7. Develop capacity of the Implementing Partners

– Objective 1.2: Project Cycle Management Framework

The WASHDPM will ensure that project cycle management tools, including the PMF, weekly reports, and activity are developed and regularly updated. He/she will ensure that project implementation is conducted within the parameters of the PMF and that this reflects the proposal objectives. He/she will ensure that PMF is updated including the financial forecast.

The WASH/Shelter DPM will be based in Amuda. He/she shall undertake field visits depending on the security situation to ensure that:

  1. Activities are correctly completed and that expected standards are met;
  2. Targeted indicators as stated in the Project Management Framework (PMF) and/or Logframe are met in a satisfactory manner; the WASH DPM shall also ensure that all recommendations issued from the monitoring and evaluation findings of the AMEU teams are also enforced and progressively integrated.

– Objective 1.3: Management of Project Staff

The WASH/Shelter DPM shall be responsible for the management of project staff and for ensuring that all are comprehensively briefed on the objective, expected output and overall implementation strategy of any given activity. The WASH/Shelter DPM shall ensure that Project staff are given training and complete all the necessary documentation in line with program requirements.

– Objective 1.4: Coordination

The WASH DPM shall regularly meet with the WASH PM, the Area Coordinator, Technical Coordinators, HR, Finance, and Logistics Departments to ensure that support mechanisms such as the Budget Follow Up, Procurement plan, and recruitment are completed on time and reflect operational realities/needs.

– Objective 1.5: Reporting

The WASH DPM shall support the reporting team in the preparation of reports to be submitted to Donors / Authorities / Coordination bodies (WASH working group / Internal Coordination). He/she will be expected to provide reports covering activity implementation, achievement of objectives, successes / challenges, beneficiary feedback, etc.

  1. General Functions

– Objective 2.1: Completion of Program Filing for Completed Project components

The WASH DPM shall ensure all relevant filing is properly organized, up-to-date and complete for all projects in relation to the WASH components. He/she shall, also work closely with the FLAT teams to support project

reconciliation / general monthly follow-up exercises.

– Objective 2.2: Commitment to Accountability to Communities

The WASH DPM shall take the lead in the development and implementation of a program-specific accountability framework to act as a guideline for all program activities.

– Objective 2.3: Facilitation

The WASH DPM is expected to contribute to trainings or program coordination meetings. Moreover, he/she shall be in a position to present ACTED’s global and programmatic strategies and activities in meetings or for Local Authorities.

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Duty Station: Based in Amuda but with regular movements to Washokani and Areesha Camp

How to Apply:
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“Well qualified candidates, including women, are strongly encouraged to apply”

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