Mobile CCCM – Complaints Feedbacks Mechanism Officer

Mobile CCCM – Complaints Feedbacks Mechanism Officer

إعلان وظيفة شاغرة رقم: 3748

المسمى الوظيفي:  Mobile CCCM – Complaints Feedbacks Mechanism Officer

اخر موعد للتقديم: 06.10.2020

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متطلبات العمل:



o At least 2-year experience in an INGOs and/or International Institutions;

o At least 1 experience working in the accountability unit of the AME department or CCCM/MCCCM department of

INGOs and/or International Institutions;

o At least 1-year experience managing a team of assistants;

o University degree in a relevant subject (i.e. social science, public administration, communication, law);

o Intermediate skills with the Microsoft Office Suite (i.e. particularly MS Excel);

o Fluency local language and English (i.e. speaking and writing);

o Ability to translate questionnaire from English to local language;

o Excellent time management skills;

o Ability to operate in a cross-cultural environment requiring flexibility;

o Ability to work independently;

o Strong attention to details.

o Does not reside in the site or work for another actor active in the intervention sites.


o 2-year Managerial experience, including leading/supervising staff, report writing, meeting facilitation.

الوصف الوظيفي:


  1. Implement/Follow up all CFM-related activities in the sites:
  2. Establish/Promote CCCM Complaints Feedbacks Mechanism in the informal settlement:

o Establish, implement and monitor the MCCCM CFM in the settlement(s);

o Determine appropriate channels to raise complaints/feedbacks/request in information in the sites-specific context through community consultation (i.e. FGDs, listening groups, KII…)

o Carry out awareness campaign on the existence of the MCCCM CFM unit and its mandate by developing adapted;

o Build capacity and understanding among MCCCM team and actors active in the sites on the roles & responsibilities so the MCCCM CFM;

o Develop camp-adapted IEC materials on the CFM, ensuring inclusiveness through adapted medium to vulnerable communities;

o Regularly assess effectiveness of all information-sharing efforts and incorporate findings into revised approaches;

o Maintain records of CFM awareness raising and promotion activities (including approximate numbers of participants) and submit to MCCCM Team Leader as required;

  1. Ensure accurate registration and timely follow-up of complaints/feedbacks/request for inputs from site residents and active actors in the sites:

o Ensure the effective functioning the MCCCM CFM and that settlement residents’ complaints/feedbacks/request for inputs are adequately captured, analysed, addressed and responded to in a timely manner and utilized by the program and coordination teams;

o Receive complaints/feedbacks/request for inputs through dedicated CFM hotline (i.e. phone call and WhatsApp number), CFM email address and the CFM boxes located in each sector of the sites;

o Receive complaints/feedbacks/request for inputs through CFM desk and through MCCCM Monitors;

o Consolidate complaints/feedbacks/request for inputs in the CFM database and classify level of complaints/feedbacks/request to define the course of action and its implementation timeline;

o Treat urgent and/or sensitive complaints with the immediate attention they require, and ensure a fast resolution;

o Maintain confidential and detailed records of all complaints in the CFM database and other electronic and hard copy filing systems, as appropriate;

o Produce a monthly analytic CFM report for staff, following template;

o Adapt and improve the CFM based on monitoring of its effectiveness.

  1. Ensure protection mainstreaming through the CFM activities

o Support and consider gender, protection, and GBV concerns in all aspects of activities;

o Adhere and Promote to Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse principles and guidelines (for site residents, staff,)

o Support and promote participation of women, youth, and marginalised groups

o Refer immediately protection cases identified to MCCCM Team Leader for referral to protection actors.

  1. Manage the Governance unit:
  2. Ensure Management of CFM activities

o Support the CCCM Team Leader in devising weekly and long-term work plans for the implementation of CFM activities;

o Ensure regular follow-ups on weekly and long-term work plan implementation of CFM activities;

o Provide inputs for the elaboration of Procurement plans as requested by the CCCM Team Leader;

o Attend weekly CCCM team meetings;

o Flag directly foreseen challenges / issues arise in link with the CFM to CCCM Team Leader, including security incidents;

o Attend inter-actor Operational/Sectorial/Ad hoc meetings in the sites;

o Support the CCCM Team Leader in identifying areas for improvement and developing site strategy;

o Ensure accurate record keeping of project documentation, including photos, as requested by the CCCM Team Leader;

o Ensure compliance to internal procedures and donor procedures;

o Ensure thorough reporting (i.e. externally: monthly report CFM activities, internally: weekly report to CCCM Team Leader).

  1. HR

o Participation in recruitment of new staff, under guidance of the MCCCM Team Leader;

o Commitment to continuous learning through trainings and timely identification of capacity-building needs and opportunities, in coordination with the MCCCM Team Leader / HR department.

الجهة المعلنة: Confidential غير معلن

 مقر العمل: Raqqa

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