Community Healt Worker Team Leader

Community Healt Worker Team Leader

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 3873

Job Title: Community Healt Worker Team Leader

Application deadline: 19.10.20

Other Information’s:

Job Requirements:

  • Education
  1. Formal university degree in health, teaching, community development, or a related field
  2. Knowledge of health, teaching, or community development preferable.
  • Experience
  1. Working in the field of teaching, training, or educating of community development topics is preferable.
  2. Working in the field of community health, hygiene promotion, or psychosocial support is an advantage
  • Specific requirements for the position
  1. Able to prioritize, communicate effectively, and meet deadlines
  2. Able to relate to and motivate staff effectively.
  3. Knowledge in MS office with good command on MS Excel
  4. Strong leadership and coordination skills.
  5. Good listening skills.
  6. Sensitivity to the needs and priorities of different sectors of the community.
  7. Trust and wide acceptance by the community.
  8. Good literacy, numeracy, and record keeping skills.
  9. Strong desire to assist in health and community outreach.
  • Desired requirements
  1. Good level of English preferable
  2. Diplomacy, tact, and negotiating skills.
  3. Able to work both independently and in a team environment
  4. Ability to spend a particular amount of time per week in training and education as needed.
  5. Previous NGO experience in a similar context is a plus


Job Description:

  1. Coordinate with CHW Field Assistant, CHW field supervisor, and others staff regarding CH&HP activities and responsibilities.
  2. Disseminate health, hygiene promotion, and psychosocial awareness to community members at the services providing locations, by conducting home visits, giving group education events, and/or performing outreach in the community.
  3. Actively attend the team’s weekly meetings and effectively share updates and information with the team leaded by the team leader and commit to weekly schedule and the education sessions topics and curriculum.
  4. Act as the link between RI staff and the affected population at community level by reporting community comments or complaints, and by spreading information and performing community mobilization.
  5. Help identify key health practices to be addressed and help to plan and carry out appropriate activities to promote safe practices, including:
  6. Communication activities such as community meetings, educational events, use of IEC materials, etc.….
  7. Ensure that these activities are conducted to a high standard and are in line with our’s organizational ethics and code of conduct.

iii. Encourage the participation of community members throughout health promotion activities.

  1. Use resources effectively and with care.

Advertiser : Confidntial

Duty Station: Hasaka

How to Apply:
Please send your CV to the following email/Link:  

Please consider to mention the advert ID (Above) and the job title in the email subject.

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