LEARN Protection Specialist Deputy

LEARN Protection Specialist Deputy

إعلان وظيفة شاغرة رقم: 3934

المسمى الوظيفي:  LEARN Protection Specialist Deputy

اخر موعد للتقديم: 02.11.2020

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متطلبات العمل:

  • Personal abilities:

o Diploma (Bachelor or Master) in Law, international relations, social sciences, or other relevant field

o + 4 years of experience in Protection, including on Protection Mainstreaming including 1 year in a similar position with an I/NGO with either team management or advisory role.

o If no diploma or lower diploma in these areas equivalent and 5 to 7 years’ progressive experiences in Protection/ Protection Mainstreaming, including 1 year in a similar position with an I/NGO with either team management or advisory role.

  • Technical competences:

o Excellent knowledge of Protection principles

o Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Arabic

o Excellent coordination skills, and enthusiasm for working with a multicultural team

o Excellent analytical, problem-solving and decision-making capacity, with a collaborative approach to work

o Past experience in capacity building and training;

o Ability to travel for field visits (Ar-Raqqa, Hasakeh, Der-ez-Zor)

o Strong ability to use all Microsoft Office programs

o Strong time management skills, with the ability to priorities and work to deadline efficiently

o Strong leadership skills and sense of initiative

الوصف الوظيفي:

Protection Analysis

  • Support Protection Risks and Needs Assessments, and protection mainstreaming monitoring on LEARN activities
  • Support sector staff / Protection Assistant to improve the quality of data collected
  • Lead on protection risks analysis based on protection questions in assessments, monitoring reports, and other relevant sources
  • Work with partners to ensure protection mitigation measures integrated into the LEARN program
  • Support reporting on Protection Mainstreaming in liaison with CMU RCO
  • Ensure key protection concerns are monitored at field level and shared to relevant actors

Capacity Building

  • Define protection training needs with partners at field level and update capacity building plan together with partners;
  • Build capacities and train LEARN non-specialized staff on protection mainstreaming
  • Monitor the understanding and commitment on mainstreaming among LEARN partners staff at base levels;
  • Ensure dissemination and use of required tools, guidance and methodologies to mainstream protection across LEARN interventions
  • Contribute to institutional knowledge building, and learning initiatives and processes by documenting lessons learned and best practices

Protection Mainstreaming in the Project Cycle

  • Provide technical guidance to project teams to include corrective measures and adjustments during the project planning and implementation;
  • Contribute to the design of protection-sensitive evaluations;
  • Work closely with the ME(A)L department at partners’ level to ensure a protection-sensitive Complaint and Response Mechanisms is functional

Coordination and referral mechanisms

  • Support implementation of a referral pathway system in line with inter-agency policies and guidelines;
  • Ensure staff are equipped to safely and ethically refer protection cases to services providers;
  • Keep updating protection actors mapping to support referral
  • Participate in protection coordination forums (cross-partner/ working groups) meetings and events, and build strong linkages with protection actors at field levels;
  • Represent LEARN in NES PWG, and relevant task forces as requires

الجهة المعلنة: Confidential غير معلن

 مقر العمل: Amuda

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