Base Log Manager

Base Log Manager

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 5780

Job Title: Base Log Manager

Application deadline: 07.10.2021

Duty Station: Raqqa

Job Requirements:

To be successful in this role you must have:

  • Education: (include certificates, licenses etc.)

–        University degree

Experience and technical competencies: (include years of experience)

–    3+ years on senior log position

–     Proven knowledge Raqqa/DEZ context and market

–    Very good IT skills ( MS Excel ,Teams, Outlook,..)

Languages: (indicate fluency level)

–        English; fluent

–        Local Languages

We offer:

  • The organization will offer the successful applicant a contract until 31st July 2022, renewable dependent on both funding and performance. And be willing and able to work in Raqqa/DEZ.


Job Description:

  1. Responsibilities: LOGISTICS (liaise with logistics hub team and IT Officer when needed)


  • Ensure a proper implementation of OUR ORG Logistics procedures, in link with the North-East hub.
  • Ensure a good communication in terms of procedures to all departments.
  • Realize regular audit on your base (procurement files, fleet management, and equipment follow-up).

Premises (Office / Guesthouses / Warehouses/ workshop management):

  • Responsible of the identification, setting up, and security of all new premises.
  • Responsible of the construction/rehabilitation works
  • Responsible of all contracts, and follow up for all the premises in the intervention governorate (lease, maintenance, running cost, etc.).

Equipment, Furniture and Office Stock:

  • Responsible of the proper layout of all premises in terms of equipment, furniture and consumables according the needs and the OUR ORG regulations.
  • Responsible of the proper follow up of the equipment according the OUR ORG procedures in your base (TSE, lending certificates, …)
  • Responsible for the security of the equipment
  • Supervise and provide regular support to the national logistic staff in terms of follow-up of equipment & furniture (regular inventories…).

Communication and IT management:

  • Responsible of the efficiency of the communication equipment at bases level (mobiles, sat phone, internet).
  • Responsible of the efficiency of the IT fleet at base level according the needs.
  • Supervise and provide regular support to the national logistic staff in terms for follow-up of communication and IT management (maintenance set up). Liaise with IT Officer in hub as and when needed.

Fleet, Transport & Movements:

  • Ensure respect of fleet and driving policies according of OUR ORG procedures.
  • Responsible of the efficiency and security of all movements for OUR ORG staff (Project movements, Inter-bases)
  • Responsible of the efficiency of the OUR ORG vehicle fleet management according the OUR ORG procedures (log book, monthly driver follow up)
  • Responsible of the efficiency of goods transportation according the need and the OUR ORG procedures (Transport contractualization, Documentations, …)
  • Supervise and Provide regular support to the national logistic staff in terms of movement management (people or goods)
  • Provide regular trainings
  • Responsible of the rental car contract(s) (all-inclusive contract, driver, car, fuel…)
  1. SUPPLY CHAIN AND PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT (Liaise with hub Supply Manager when needed).

Procurement Management:

  • Ensure the respect of OUR ORG procedures and donors requirements for all purchases done (adapted procurement procedure, respect of threshold, …)
  • Ensure a good communication of the purchase procedures to all departments.
  • Provide adequate support for the elaboration & implementation of the base Procurement Plan (activities, and support);
  • Support all requesting departments in purchases request phase and follow-up, in coordination with budget holder / technical advisor/Administration (Market study, summary bid analysis, purchase, delivery follow-up, payment)
  • Ensure a good efficiency of the supply chain without any delay in delivery (ad hoc purchase, frame contracts)
  • Develop a good knowledge of local market (prices lists, suppliers lists, relationships with suppliers,…)
  • Ensure contractualization when relevant/needed (creation, follow-up, …)
  • Responsible for the good implementation of the Purchases follow-up (TSA, regular communication with requesting department, …)
  • Ensure a good archiving of the purchase folders according the OUR ORG procedures (documentations, validations,…)
  • Supervise and provide regular support to the national logistic staff for purchases implementation and follow-up;

Stocks Management (if needed, in accordance to the future activities):

  • Ensure the respect of OUR ORG procedures and donors requirements for the stock management. (Shipment documentations, Stock report, inventory, reconciliation…).
  • Ensure a good communication with Programs in terms of Donation Certificate management and stock reconciliation.
  • Ensure an efficient stock management in coordination with the program teams (follow up, security of the goods, storage capacity adapted to the needs, definition of minimum stock, …)
  • Supervise and provide regular support to the Storekeeper for stock management and follow-up
  1. LOGISTIC ADMINISTRATION (Liaise with Admin hub dept when needed)

Finance and budget management:

  • Under coordination request participate actively in proposal phase (BoQ, Logistics needs, …)
  • Responsible of logistics Budget lines management (Expenses follow up, forecast, OFU, BFU,…)

HR management:

  • Provide adequate support and regular training to the Logistics department.
  • Ensure a proper carrier follow up of each staff in the logistics department (Job description, Individual Action plan, regular appraisal, …)
  • Ensure support on planning of daily tasks of the logistic department.
  • Ensure proper follow-up for all HR aspects (contract, attendance, leaves, ..)
  • Provide training to OUR ORG partners in terms of Logistic procedures (stock management, procurement process, etc.)
  • Support the partner in the implementation of the processes
  • Provide supervision and follow up of the partner (stock inventory, donation certificate follow up, stock follow up, etc.)

  • Responsible of the security rules implementation in link with the Field Area Manager and the Security, Context and Access Advisor.
  • Responsible of the respect of internal security rules for all the logistic departments
  • Participate actively in all security update meeting with Field Area Manager.
  • Ensure good communication with all department (general meeting, bilateral meeting,…)
  • Provide logistics support and advice to Operational Team to ensure a smooth project implementation
  • Provide trainings to all departments in terms of Logistics procedure.
  • Participate actively to all meeting (weekly meeting, bi weekly support meeting …)
  • Provide any additional support upon request of Line Manager
  • Report on monthly basis to the NES Logistic Manager and Field Area Manager:

–        Monthly narrative report

–        Updated Logistics tools: PFU + CFE + EFU + Stock report + Inventory + Reconciliation tool + OFU, and any other follow up tools implemented.

Note that this job description must remain flexible, to respond to additional tasks or changes as identified by the line manager. About you.

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Other Information’s:

Nothing to Mention.

How to Apply:
Please send your CV to the following email/Link:  

Please consider to mention the advert ID (Above) and the job title in the email subject.

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