MEAL Supervisor

MEAL Supervisor

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 5781

Job Title: MEAL Supervisor

Application deadline: 09.10.2021

Duty Station: Raqqa

Job Requirements:

Studies: University degree or equivalent in IT, computer sciences, mathematics or civil engineering with previous experience in MEAL department (preferably in MEAL departments with an INGO or NGO) for

Experience: if there is no Univeristy Degree or the degree is lower in the field of IT computer sciences, mathematics or civil engineering, a previous experience  (preferably in MEAL departments with an INGO or NGO) for at least 4 years with at least six months with team management is required

Languages: Good level of English (to work with international staff)

IT: Good knowledge/experience using Excel, Kobo, ODK, data management/analysis  

Job Description:

Setting up the activities /control and supervision

  • Plan the weekly activities for his/her team and have them approved by his/her MEAL manager:

o        Plan human resources needs (daily workers, workers…)

o        Plan material needs (and ensure responsibility form is filled properly)

o        Anticipate administrative issues (requests in advance)

o        Anticipate logistics issues (transport, communication means, materials needs…)

  • Organize and carry out, with his/her team, tasks assigned by his/her MEAL manager (including but not limited to):

o        Preparing questionnaires/data collection tools

o        Planning and supervising steps for data collection: security/HAO, orientation, movement plan, DWs (if needed)

o        Supervising and monitoring each stage of activity

o        Ensuring that standards and instructions given by his/her MEAL manager, as well as Solidarités International procedures, are followed

o        Ensuring the collection of data by his/her team is done according to the method agreed.

o        Supervising the officers in translation of the survey and data collected

o        Ensuring that the key indicators are monitored by his/her team as planned with the MEAL manager

o        Upon request, conducting assessments in specific sectors (definition of the tools and methodologies, implementation of the surveys, data analysis, drafting reports).

  • Respect schedules and deadlines agreed upon with his/her manager
  • Report back any problems and constraints encountered during the course of the activities and suggest operational solutions
  • Work in collaboration with Deputy MEAL Manager to:

o        Update M&E tools and improving them

o        Ensure that security procedures are followed/understood by the team/ DWs


  • Assist the Deputy MEAL Manager in ensuring:

o        FCRM processes are followed (delay, steps, sensitive, etc)

o        The extraction/updating of FCRM forms onto the ODK devices


  • Supervise the officers to ensure Protection Mainstreaming checklist during distribution/WASH/Rehab/Shelter activities is done
  • Under the supervision of the Deputy MEAL Manager:

o        identify potential negative impacts of the activities and propose solutions

o        collect data from HHs that need to be referred

  • Ensure that all data from ODK devices are deleted after every survey
  • With all the MEAL team, ensure that FCRM and beneficiary data remains confidential (no skype, sms, phone call)

Logistics and Administration

  • When recruiting daily workers, follow procedures and directives outlined by his/her MEAL manager and the administrative service
  • Train his/her team members to use and maintain tools and devices for data collection correctly
  • Track usage with monitoring tools provided
  • Ensure that safety procedures are followed by members of his/her team
  • Ensure the receipt and storage of material and equipment necessary for his/her work to be carried out on site
  • Ensure that all ODK devices are stored safely, charged and log book updated.
  • In coordination with MEAL deputy Manager:

o        Ensure that leaves are taken regularly and reported to HR

o        Update the HR report

o        Assist in briefing all new SI staff

o        Update weekly tasks FU

o        Assist in the implementation of training and capacity building of the team

  • Do the EAP for the officers in time and ensure it is validated and reported

Reporting / communication

  • Take part in all necessary meetings on request
  • Keep his/her monitoring tools and files archived in the Solidarités International office, accessible to his/her MEAL manager
  • Draw up and submit a weekly task report (which should include progress made by the team) to his/her MEAL manager
  • Take part in the drafting of the monthly program pack
  • Propose recommendations to Solidarités International based on the outcomes of the MEAL activities
  • Establish and maintain good relations with local participants and communities (populations) in the operational fields
  • Listen to the populations and local participants in the field and report to his/her MEAL manager any non-technical or safety-related issues which could affect the activities or safety of Solidarités International teams
  • Report all negative feedback or lack of accountability, protection issues or “Do no Harm” policy breach to his/her line manager.
  • Supervise the Officers in the Data cleaning process
  • Data analysis (including powerBI analysis)
  • Under the supervision of the Deputy MEAL Manager:

o        Provide initial presentation of findings to the project teams

o        Flag emails to program team

o        Assist in disseminating results through feedback sessions, presentations, and visualization

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Other Information’s:

Nothing to Mention.

How to Apply:
Please send your CV to the following email/Link:     

Please consider to mention the advert ID (Above) and the job title in the email subject.

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