Base Representative & Security Manager

Base Representative & Security Manager

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 5921

Job Title: Base Representative & Security Manager

Application deadline: 28.10.2021

Duty Station: AL-Hassaka

Job Requirements:

  • Diploma: Bachelor or Master in Humanitarian Affairs, Political Sciences, Business Administration, Security
  • Management and or communication + 3 to 4 years working experience in the same areas, including 2 to 3 years
  • experience in INGO and in a similar position representation internal and external, security management, contextmonitoring and analysis.

If no diploma or lower diploma in these areas (Humanitarian affairs, Political Sciences, Business Administration,

  • Security Management and or communication, equivalent 4 to 7 years progressive experiences in the same areas will be requested, including 3 years experience in INGO and in similar position in representation internal and external, security management, context monitoring and analysis.
  • Very good communication skills (oral, written) both in English and Arabic are mandatory
  • Very good diplomatic skills and sense.
  • 1 year experience in team management will be a plus.


Job Description:

List of main tasks:

Base Coordination and monitoring

  • Ensure Leadership and team cohesion development
  • Conduct General meetings during absence of the Field Coordinator or under his/her request. Ensure the security and contextual parts on all general meetings.
  • Monitor coordination and communications between the various departments
  • Report relevant related information to the Field Coordinator, anticipate possible concerns and support the decision making according to your monitoring of the situation
  • Ensure general communication and make sure the Field Coordinator’s messages are conveyed with timeliness
  • Conduct briefing (including the security part) to new SI staff or new comers on the base and ensure welcoming is well managed
  • Is a focal point for managers based in Amuda having teams in Hassake to pass on messages, official communication, and support relaying the base dynamics, athmosphere and messages back to Amuda managers. .

Security management

  • Be responsible for team and goods security on-base, under the supervision of the Field Coordinator
  • Monitor and analyze the security situation and ensure it is understood by the teams
  • Under the supervision the Field Coordinator, participate to the update of all security-related documents and procedures
  • Ensure compliance with all security rules and procedures on the base
  • Set up a permanent security monitoring system in coordination with the one available for Amuda, liaising with the Field Coordinator
  • Ensure the immediate management of any security incidents that may occur on the base and immediately inform the Field Coordinator. Proactively inform the FC of any security change that can impact directly or indirectly impact SI and support the decision-making.
  • Maintain an updated list of security contacts in the area in coordination with Security & Access Advisor
  • Provide eventual additional information to the Security & Access Advisor for the weekly security event recap
  • Produce contextual updates and conflict analysis documents in order to anticipate as early as possible the relevant needs to be addressed within Solidarités International’s mandate.
  • Establish informal ties and a network of contacts enabling the collection and verification of diverse information
  • Support the Field Coordinator to update local security plan and related SOPs.
  • Run the contextual and security briefing for national staff of Hassake base, in conjunction with the Field Coordinator

Representation/external communication

  • Under delegation of the Field Coordinator, be the representative of Solidarites International during coordination meetings and bilateral discussions with other stakeholders, towards civil society, media or any other institution.
  • Convey the messages requested and report the main points discussed and agreed with the external stakeholders to the Field Coordinator.
  • Regularly visit Solidarités International’s intervention sites
  • Establish and maintain a consistent network of contacts (military and administrative bodies, international and local NGOs, civil society) in order to be permanently updated on the evolution of the situation.
  • Show proactivity and autonomy in the way to engage and communicate with the partners.
  • Ensures to remain the point of entry of any formal communications with external stakeholders, particularly in front of the Authorities. As well, make sure to engage regularly with the Authorities to build up and keep good relationships and understanding of SI’s mandate and activities.
  • Whenever needed, suggest changes of positioning or specific actions to explore to the Field Coordinator.
  • Keep record of the engagements with the stakeholders (dedicated tools) and update any documents related to the representatives within the governorate and more largely within NES if relevant.

Reporting/internal communication

  • Draft minutes for each attended meeting and send them to the Field Coordinator.
  • Contribute to the drafting of the General context section or executive summary for internal and/or external reports (including base meeting)
  • In the absence of the Field Coordinator, coordinate the base meeting
  • Ensure that key information circulates correctly, both on the base and between Hassake and Amuda base

Compliance and Accountability

  • Conduct visits to local authorities and beneficiaries’ representatives to gather feedbacks and estimates on SI’ intervention and transparency.
  • Support internal efforts on compliance and conformity-wise upon request from coordination.
  • Ensure to dispatch official communication during base meeting and participate in induction sessions

Support remote managers in following up on SI staff behaviours or break of rules/procedures and report any issue to them directly.

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Other Information’s:

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How to Apply:
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Please consider to mention the advert ID (Above) and the job title in the email subject.

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