Information Management Officer (IMO)

Information Management Officer (IMO)

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 6095

Job Title: Information Management Officer (IMO)

Application deadline: 12.12.2021, 10:00 am

Duty Station: Amuda

Job Requirements:

  • University Degree in a related field;
  • Resident of Al-Haskeh Governorate
  • At least one-year experience of information management and at least minimum of three years of total work experience;
  • Advanced level of English language
  • Ability to use GIS software (QGIS, ArcPRO, etc.);
  • Ability to use at least one dashboard platform (PowerBI, Tableau, etc.)
  • Good command of using GPS devices/programs for data collection (e.g. KoBo Collect)
  • Good command of using computer programs (MS Office Suite, particularly Excel and Word).
  • Flexibility and adaptability are essential, as well as the ability to plan, take initiative and organize work independently.

Job Description:

The REACH/IMPACT IMO will the focal point of information management activities in the NES Sites and Settlements Working Group (SSWG) where s/he will be under the supervision of the SSWG Coordinator in Country, the REACH Camps and Displacement Unit Lead in Amman and of IMPACT’s HQ in Geneva. The IMO will work in close collaboration with the REACH/IMPACT team in-country, but will be responsible for their own task management, inclusive of necessary preparation, implementation and follow-up with the REACH Syria CFP.

The IMO will be hosted by ACTED and will fall under the responsibility of ACTED’s Country Director and his/her delegates, making use of REACH office spaces. S/he will fully abide to ACTED’s Security, HR, Administration and Logistics rules and regulations.


  1. Lead the setup of IM systems
  • Conduct IM diagnoses to help identify areas and means of improvement to support the core coordination functions of the WG.
  • Ensure that the coordination team has access to robust systems for file storage and e-mail. Set up online file repositories for WG documents to facilitate file management and internal information sharing across the coordination team and the partners, accounting for the level of sensitivity of information.
  • Expand and maintain the WG’s current internal and external communication systems.
  • Develop a WG style guide, and ensure all products and outputs produced are in line with this style guide.
  • Produce regular ongoing SSWG information products, and assess the need for the development of new information products, including reports, dashboards, maps and additional ad hoc products.
  • Represent the WG at inter-sectoral meetings, prepare and deliver presentations on behalf of SSWG when required.
  • Develop and/or operationalise and enhance NES-specific common data standards together with relevant WG or sectors and promote the standards with partners.
  1. Facilitate strategic planning
  • Develop information management and sharing strategy and subsequent implementation work plan and inform and update relevant actors on the status of the work plan.
  • Assist in the implementation and operationalisation of the strategy for NES through lateral relations as well as team work.
  • Support the coordinator in defining response strategic objectives/indicators and priority activities based upon needs and challenges of the CCCM sector in NES, and track progress towards reaching these objectives.
  • Ensure linkages between sites and settlements needs assessment and response analysis to facilitate humanitarian response prioritisation (activities / geographical location / groups).
  1. Support assessment activities
  • Identify and gather relevant secondary data on a regular basis, conduct ongoing analysis and identify information gaps.
  • Lead the development of appropriate methodologies, indicators, tools and analytical frameworks to gather primary data.
  • Plan and coordinate data collection, define coverage, rationalise partners’ contributions to avoid overlapping, and make sure that data is collected within agreed deadlines.
  • Lead data analysis and output production, including drafting of assessment factsheets, reports and other relevant information products.
  • Support effective dissemination of assessment findings, by producing media content, delivering presentations, promoting ad hoc events.
  1. Implement monitoring and gap analysis
  • Support the development of the SSWG’s response monitoring plan, including a series of indicators aimed at measuring progress of the response.
  • Define a detailed analysis plan covering each indicator of the monitoring plan, clarifying the type, frequency and outputs of the analysis that should be made.
  • Compile, aggregate and analyse data and information elements required to produce standardised information products and implement or support data/information collection plans for baseline and context-specific data.
  • Support and leverage geographic data for map production and use in geographic information systems (GIS).
  • Share data with partner agencies and maintain information management products (contact list, activity reporting, operational presence, gap analysis and factsheets) at agreed frequencies and in relevant languages.
  • Facilitate the analysis of information between WG and sectors when relevant.
  • Regularly engage and represent the WG, feeding back to the coordination team as relevant.
  • Establish contact with appropriate partner agencies when basic or special needs are identified.
  • Liaise with humanitarian stakeholders and relevant government counterparts as required.

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