Cashier / Finance Assistant

Cashier / Finance Assistant

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 6341

Job Title: Cashier / Finance Assistant

Application deadline: 01.02.2022

Duty Station: Raqqa

Job Requirements:

Essential Qualifications:

  • Minimum of one year of total general experience
  • Experience as cashier, archiving and accounting for minimum a six-month period
  • Minimum educational level in an Institute in a relevant field (business management, accounting, administration, economic, etc.)
  • Residence, ability to travel and work in Raqqa City
  • Rigorous and detail oriented


  • Experience in Microsoft Office Suits (Excel and Word)
  • A working level in English is required.
  • Ability to travel locally and regionally, if necessary.
  • Women are encouraged to apply this vacancy.

Job Description:

  1. Payment Management

1.1. Make sure that payment vouchers are proceeded in a timely and efficient manner as per ACTED internal manual.

1.2. Coordinate and conduct Payments for suppliers/services and HR when authorized by the relevant ACTED authorized staff and as per ACTED internal rules and protocols.

  1. Accountancy Management and control

2.1. Register daily, in the cash book, all payment once proceeded with.

2.2. On a daily basis, ensure that no discrepancies have been made with the payments.

2.3. On a weekly basis, ensure that no discrepancies have been made with the payments in liaison with his/her referent

2.4. On a monthly basis, ensure that no discrepancies have been made with the payments in liaison with Finance Officer and Coordination (AC/DAC)

2.5. Take the lead on the investigation and the solutions suggestions in case of discrepancies for the last three points of this section, who will be submitted for approval to his/her manager.

2.6. Ensure accuracy of allocations and absence of discrepancies with the allocation table.

2.7. Ensure accuracy and compliance of every accountancy information transfer to Capital Office as per ACTED internal rules and protocols (third party codes, accounting codes, harmonization of the libellees, etc.).

2.8. Ensure accurate and compliant follow of ACTED Logistic and HR-Admin rules and protocols.

2.9. In the relevant accountancy book, proceed with and register the vouchers for any money currency exchange.

2.10. Proceed with and register money transfers vouchers across accountancy books and ensure that there are no discrepancies with the mandatory references.

2.11. On a monthly basis, and before monthly closure, ensure in a timely, compliant and efficient manner that cash books are validated and send to the Finance officer for his/her review.

2.12. On a monthly basis, and before registration in the accountancy, proceed in a timely manner with advance closure and clearance.

  1. Archiving Management

3.1. Ensure, as per ACTED rules and protocols on soft-documentation archiving system, that all payment vouchers and supporting documents are scanned and stored in the relevant folders.

3.2. On ad-hoc basis, prepare the accountancy supporting documentation to be send to Capital Office for their review and hard-documentation archiving.


The cashier is a key member of the finance team at Area Level.

S/he is responsible of managing payment cycles, from the preparation of the documentation and recording the accountancy in the bank or cash book of its area to controlling the compliance and budget allocation.


Under the authority of:

Senior Finance Officer (ASFO)

Finance Officer (AFO)

Finance Assistant (AFA)

Line Management:

Line Management:

– N/A

Functional Management:



– All Department, specifically Logistics and HR & Administration.

– Area Coordinators


– Suppliers, Service providers & Contractors

– ACTED Beneficiaries

– Legal Counsel


  1. Make sure that ACTED regulations and standards are well respected regarding the new soft-documentation archiving system.
  2. Make sure of the accuracy and the compliance regarding allocation and contents of the cash books
  3. Make sure that there are no discrepancies in monthly reconciliations
  4. Make sure that monthly reporting goes fluidly thanks to up-to-date and strongly maintained financial books
  5. Make sure that payments are paid in a timely and efficient manner in accordance with ACTED internal rules and protocols

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Other Information’s:


  • Number of accountancy books submitted on time
  • Number of cash count matching
  • % of scanned documentation archived and sent on time (monthly paid)
  • % of payment done within the timing of the signed contract
  • % of salary pa

How to Apply:
Please send your CV to the following email/Link:

Please consider to mention the advert ID (Above) and the job title in the email subject.

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