SEL  Facilitator ميسّرالتعلّم العاطفي والاجتماعي

SEL  Facilitator ميسّرالتعلّم العاطفي والاجتماعي

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 6355

Job Title: SEL  Facilitator ميسّرالتعلّم العاطفي والاجتماعي

Application deadline: 03.02.2022

Duty Station: Raqqa

Job Requirements:


  • University degree in Education faculty or relevant domain.
  • At least one year professional experience in teaching or protection/social work.
  • At least one year professional experience in working with children.
  • Knowledge of basic principles of facilitation and positive discipline.
  • Excellent nonviolent communication and organization skills.
  • Motivation and energy, pro-active and willing to share and discuss ideas.
  • Good team member.
  • Commitment to humanitarian principles and values.
  • Commitment to Concern’s equal opportunity and gender practices.
  • Flexibility under pressure and in response to changing needs.
  • Ability to maintain the highest degree of discretion.


  • English language skills.
  • Experience working in non-formal education settings.
  • Prior experience working with local or international NGOs.

Job Description:

Facilitating SEL and PSS sessions

  • Work with the Education Assistant and wider Education team to develop a curriculum for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Psychosocial Support (PSS) sessions and other life skills and structured recreational activities.
  • Prepare weekly plans and daily sessions to facilitate at the NFE Centre, aligned with the agreed program and objectives.
  • Deliver sessions using non-formal education methods as a tool to provide PSS and build social emotional skills (expressing emotions, managing anger, building positive social relations, solving problems or seeking for help) and prepare materials and/or visual aids suitable for the sessions and the needs of the targeted group.
  • Support the Education team to deliver other educational activities in the NFE centre including basic Literacy and Numeracy (LN) sessions according to the level of children and the needs of different groups.
  • Facilitate the delivery of homework support activities to support the retention of children in formal education.
  • Ensure the use of good facilitation skills that make the children feel comfortable and enhance their participation and personal development according to their abilities and needs.
  • Ensure that children feel comfortable and safe at all times and that they are not exposed to any form of harm or stress during the activities and ensure participation of children in NFE activities is non-discriminatory and activities undertaken are age and  gender appropriate.
  • Interact positively with children, encourage them to express their needs and follow up on their wellbeing and attendance.
  • Revise sessions according to each feedback/evaluation and constantly adapt approaches and exercises.
  • Ensure that caregiver/s receive regular feedback and advice on their children’s personal development.
  • Report on the number of students, achievements and the supplies needed. Support the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) team for data collection.
  • Ensure that all children and caregivers are aware of Concern’s accountability/ community response mechanism.
  • Bring potential referral cases for children to the attention of the Education Assistant or other Concern Education or Protection outreach staff.


  • Take active measures to address equality issues, particularly relating to gender, in programme as well as operational activities.
  • Ensure the highest stands of accountability through ensuring good communication and information sharing within and outside the organisation.
  • Be aware of, understand and comply with all of Concern’s policies and procedures (P4, finance, logistics, HR, security management etc).
  • Undertake other related duties as may reasonably be assigned by the line manager.

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