Program Support Coordinator– Hasakeh

Program Support Coordinator– Hasakeh

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 6675

Job Title: Program Support Coordinator– Hasakeh

Application deadline: 03.04.2022

Duty Station: Hasakeh

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Management, International Economics, or related subjects/fields.
  • Experience in INGO-local NGO procurement and logistics systems and procedures. Awareness of related subjects in the humanitarian context
  • At least 3yrs experience in Procurement and logistics.
  • Experience managing 1-3 staff; Able to represent organization to external suppliers and government officials.
  • Ability to handle a large workload, work under pressure, independently
  • Previous procurement and logistics operations experience with an INGO (Desirable)
  • Experience with standard procurement procedures and documentation in the humanitarian context and in conflict related areas with limited infrastructure.
  • Understanding of the procurement rules and regulations of major international donors (Desirable);
  • Understanding of the local market, local legislation related to contracts, suppliers, contractors and customs clearance, business registration requirements and tax regulations, legal aspects of contracting and contract management.
  • Excellent written and spoken English and Arabic
  • Fluency in written and spoken Kurdish
  • Experience of working in field level

Job Description:

The overall purpose of the Program Support Coordinator (PSC) is to assist the Area Director (AD) on NES Procurement and Logistics including sourcing, select and contract local vendors against the best possible legal and commercial conditions. The PSC will supervise day to day Procurement and logistics activities throughout all NES hubs. The position will make sure that NES and donor’s procurement and logistics policy/procedures and SOPs are strictly followed and guide implementation across all offices and field sites. S/he will coordinate closely with program, finance, field offices and other departments and facilitate their requirements in logistics and procurement.

The PSC in conjunction with the AD will oversee and supervise all administrative activities across all NES hubs, ensuring that all facilities are properly maintained in safe condition and that all necessary supplies are available. S/he must ensure timely collection and submission of all reports across Procurement, Logistics, Admin and IT departments. S/he must ensure that all documents are well kept for checking and audit purposes.

In conjunction with the HOPS, the PSC will work with all levels of Program Support staff to set performance objectives, help develop capacity for personal and professional growth through mentorship and facilitating training where appropriate. For all direct reports, ensure that performance management system is adhered to, including job descriptions, performance reviews and goal setting. In consultation with HOPS will take lead in staffing decisions across Program Support Department.

PSC will work closely with HOPS on strategic planning. This will include without limitation, context analysis, development of fraud and corruption risk mitigation measures, and data analysis in efforts to increase efficiency across all Program Support (Including Admin and IT). Coordinate and collaborate with counterparts in other INGOs and participate in Logistics and Operations Working groups. Work with HOPS to develop proper systems for partnership development and capacity building. Will take the acting SCOM role when HOPS is on leave.


  • Work with HOPS to oversee and ensure that procurement activities are conducted in a fair, transparent and accountable manner and in compliance with the Procurement manual, donor requirements, and other reference documents as a guide.
  • Daily coordination of NES procurement activities.
  • Ensures that procurements are being processed in a timely and efficient manner. Actively looks for system improvements. Seeks to solve bottlenecks or report up problems as needed.
  • Oversees procurement Officers to ensure that documents are to be kept secure and strictly confidential as well as to assure that adequate measures are being taken to assure that confidentiality is maintained.
  • Assist in monitoring the tendering process and ensuring the smooth running of the procurement/tender committee. Works with HOPS to revise and amend process as needed to adapt to the changing context. Constantly reviewing processes for potential fraud and corruption and designing new mitigation measures.
  • PSC, with support from the HOPS keeps a close watch on large and complex procurements and tenders from receipt of PR through drafting of RFQ/Tender through to receipt of good and ensuring all documents for payment are submitted to finance in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate with all projects managers and departments to ensure proper program panning and maintain excellent relationships across all departments to deliver quality support services.
  • Coordinate procurement committee meetings, following up with the suppliers. Working with Safety and Security, program teams and Suppliers to coordinate distributions and clearances.
  • PSC should oversee Procurement Officers in ensuring that legitimate concerns and rights of vendors and service providers are duly investigated and addressed promptly, this includes things like; due payments for performed contracts, certificates for tax deductions, complaints and other legitimate issues raised.
  • Ensure that NES unit comply fully with the anti-terrorism policy and documents all screening result for future reference.
  • Ensure that the procurement tracker is maintained and up to date and that all reports are completed and submitted in a timely manner.
  • Facilitate the export of documents from NES to Amman for document retention and information security.
  • Oversee the day-to-day work of the Logistics Officers in charge of fleet management in across all NES hubs and field sites to organize and plan weekly and daily passenger vehicle movements based on the movement.
  • In conjunction with liaise with Safety and Security Department (SSD) on security permission related issues.
  • Ensure that Logistics Officers keep track of vehicle rental contracts, drivers lists and monitor driver performance
  • Work with program and SSD to organize distributions and clearances ensure timely delivery of goods to field sites.
  • Ensure that the Distribution Tracker is maintained and that distributions are done in a timely manner, including working with SSD to ensure clearances and approvals are done.
  • Ensure that all monthly logistics reports (fleet, generators, etc.) are prepared and submit to the Area Director copying in HOPS in a timely manner.
  • Asset Management:
  • Work with Logistics officer to refine and improve the NES hub asset management system from receipt of good to disposal or donation.
  • Ensure that all equipment’s/materials/furniture/fixture are tagged with asset no.
  • Support and oversee Log officers in maintaining and updating the asset register form, receivable, to issue, to disposal, including asset tags, equipment issue forms
  • Work with Logistics officer and Finance to ensure proper timely inventory and reporting
  • Take overall responsibility for all warehousing related activities, ensuring that logistics and warehouse staff are properly arranging and organizing warehouse, doing regular stock count, and ensuring safety in the warehouse
  • Work closely with the Programs Teams to identify and contract Trucking and Transport companies for movements of goods and personnel.
  • Ensure that all Warehouses maintain Stock related documents, such as GRN, Waybills, Bin/Stock Cards etc.
  • Ensure that all program offices including field offices are adequately equipped with necessary supplies and equipment thus providing conducive working environment to all staff.
  • Ensure that the logistics team in each office has a clear plan and instructions for carrying our generator operation and maintenance
  • Ensure that the logistics team in each office is responsive to request from Admin Departments to carry out the office and guesthouse routine maintenance (plumbing, electric, infrastructure, furniture, etc.).
  • As requested by the admin team, supervise rehabilitation / construction activities to be conducted in new facilities
  • Oversee Amin Officer and Logistics Officers in the selection and setup of new facilities (Office/GHs)
  • Supervise IT officer.
  • Coach, Supervise, lead, and support the NES Program Support Team.
  • Manage the procurement team towards high standards of performance through clear roles and responsibilities, on-going feedback, and tailor-made capacity building plans for all department staff.
  • Pro-actively address performance issues through timely constructive feedback and coaching.
  • Ensure staff are technically supported and mentored to fulfill all procurement services.
  • Lead the continuous improvement of procurement function of the NES Hub to bring efficiency and effectiveness
  • Actively promote strong & structured articulations with all teams for all logistics operations (program & finance in particular).
  • Manage Implementing Partners relationship on logistics aspects such as procurement, stock & asset management, logistics reporting. In particular, ensure the timely & exhaustive review of IPs logistics documentation.
  • Represent the org with relevant logistics and communication networks, actively building relevant relationships (logistics cluster, etc.)
  • Actively participate in hub level coordination meetings by reporting on progress, and risks.
  • Contribute to donor proposals, budgets and reports.
  • Contribute to Emergency Response planning and Contingency Planning efforts for logistics and procurement needs and execution.
  • Perform other duties and/or tasks assigned by the direct supervisor

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