Pharmacy Manager

Pharmacy Manager

JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 6700

Job Title: Pharmacy Manager

Application deadline: 20.04.2022

Duty Station: 40% Amuda, 30% Raqqa and 30% Kobane

Job Requirements:

Education:  Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy. Masters’ degree Pharmacy desirable.

Languages:  English spoken/written essential. Arabic an asset.

Experience: At least 5 years in experience in Pharmacy Management with at least two years’ experience

 of working with INGOs

Knowledge: Advance computer literacy (Word, Excel and Internet). Advance Excel is

              mandatory. Saga stock/other pharmacy stock management software’s will be an asset.

Job Description:

  1. Implementing quality drug supply system in line with MdM standards
  • In collaboration with logistics and medical team ensures the supply system covers all the aspect needed at mission level according to MdM and international standards on quality and safety.
  • Designs, supports, and follows the supply system for the mission from calculating international orders to follow up of the cargos, reception and efficient management and distribution of the stocks at project/HC levels.
  1. Forecasting and support with international orders
  • Providing technical support and facilitating the procurement team with international orders in collaboration with Medical Coordinator and Logistics Coordinator.
  • Providing technical support in the process of quotation for international orders.
  • Assisting in the follow up of international orders and cargos.
  • Ensuring that all procedures for the supply cycle are made in time according to the mission supply chronogram.
  • Checking quality control on orders received and confirm packing list quantities and references.
  • Assuring that shortages or urgent need of medicines will be supplied to the projects through loans, borrowings or urgent international/local order ensuring quality, efficacy, and safety of the supplies if needed.
  1. Implementing an effective Stock/Pharmacy Management
  • Responsible for the Central Pharmacy main warehouse in Duhok KRI by ensuring an adequate management in accordance with international standards (GDP and GSP, separately, or GSDP (S—Storage; D—Distribution, MdM manuals, technical sheets).
  • Stock management according to international standards by route of administration, form, INN, FEFO and FIFO rule, control of temperatures and humidity.
  • Responsible for Sagastock management and training of the pharmacy staff.
  • Preparing and analyzing the Sagastock monthly report for the central warehouse and three warehouses in Amuda, Raqqa and Kobane
  • Ensuring that medical supplies for the different health centres have a clear standard list and consumptions.
  • Ensuring appropriate distribution of the stocks in the Heath centres and the appropriate record of the movements.
  • Monitoring efficiently the management of stocks at project sites, supporting in the analysis of stocks regularly to avoid overstocks stock ruptures and expired medicines at a mission level.
  • Ensuring that all the pharmacies use and update stocks cards and that the inventories are done regularly.
  • Ensuring updates and following up the Mission Pharmacy activity planning in order to ensure its implementation at a national level.
  • Creating new tools for pharmacy management according to detected needs, and training pharmacy staff for its appropriate usage
  1. Reception and preparation of the international/local orders for the mission.

4.1:  Order reception:

  • Check the quality and quantity of the received items.
  • Make out an acknowledgement of receiption for logistics departement and HQ.
  • Integrate all the items into physical stock.
  • Compleate stock cards and enters the information into Sagastock.

4.2:  Order preparation:

  • Prepare and distribute the drugs according the projects requests and projects needs.
  • Check the rationality of the requests.
  • Packing the supplies and preparing donation plan for each project and health facility.
  • Reports/updates regularly Medical Coordinator.
  1. Collection and analysis of drugs consumption
  • Providing training and following up the correct use of sagastock and other tools for consumptions in the pharmacy stores and health facilities
  • Ensuring that updated stock and consumption records are provided on a monthly basis
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of drug consumption tools in in close consultation with all pharmacy supervisors and health managers
  • Monitoring the drug consumption by maintaining mechanisms of consumption record and inform medical manager in case of any unusual consumption.
  1. Support to health facilities
  • Collaborate closely with the Pharmacy managers with capacity building and provision of training and support.
  • Upon request, organize trainings on drug prescription and dispensing, rational use or pharmacy management and safe disposal of pharmaceuticals for local medical staff and mobile teams staff.
  • Assessing needs in health facilities and mobile teams related to drugs storage and dispensation.
  • Visiting PHCs in Al-Hasakah, Raqqa and Kobane on a regular basis, providing technical support to the team on the spot and sharing the field trip reports with the Medical coordinator
  1. Hygiene and Security
  • Ensuring proper disposal of expired medicines and expired and damaged pharmaceutical products according to MdM and Local Health Authority (LHA) standards and waste management protocols in cooperation with logistics department and following local authorisation procedures.
  • Ensuring that all the Pharmacy related areas are free of rodents and insects in collaboration with the Logistic team.
  • Ensuring security and cleanliness of the stocks.
  • ensuring the control of good storage conditions, including temperature, humidity, cold chain, and special drugs’ storage, such as psychotropics.
  1. Reporting and attendance to different meetings
  • Analyzing pharmacy monthly reports analysis and advising remedial actions accordingly.
  • Collecting on cold chain ruptures and presenting the proper report to Medical Coordinator and HQ (if need).
  • Advising on medical supply waste management procedures, preparing the report and the procedures conducted to Medical Coordinator and HQ (if needed)
  • Informing the Medical Coordinator of any possible ruptures of stock or drugs that are close to expire.
  • Informing the Medical Coordinator about any unusual or unexplained consumption or use of drugs.
  • Informing line manager of any problems that might be linked to work of pharmacy staff as well as problematic equipment or material (ex. broken, missing).
  • Attends regular meetings with the pharmacy referent in HQ for regular follow up as well as contacting him/her in case of urgent issues.

Scope of Work

The Pharmacy Manager will be responsible to support the Medical Coordinator with the overall management of pharmacy services in NES. The Pharmacy Manager will work closely with respective medical managers and supervisors in carrying out quantification and forecasting exercises at the mission level and raising procurement requests respectively. The incumbent will be responsible to ensure the quality of medicines and other medical supplies at the time of procurement in accordance with the donor and MDM pharmaceutical policy guidelines. The pharmacy manger will provide the technical support to all pharmacy supervisors and Pharmacy Assistants in Amuda, Raqqa, Kobane and Duhok with the pharmacy stock management, trainings and monthly consumption reports

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