JOB Vacancy Announcement #: 6714


Application deadline: 11.04.2022

Duty Station: Hassakeh-Detention Center

Job Requirements:

  • Essential, degree as Laboratory Technician
  • Essential, 2 years’ experience in a laboratory, preferably as a Lab Tech.
  • Desirable in INGO, desirable in a clinical laboratory
  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel and internet)
  • Essential, English Language is mandatory.
  • Results, Teamwork, Flexibility, Commitment, Stress management

Job Description:


  • Participating in the project planning and follow-up and reviewing the laboratory budget when necessary in order to support the organization’s medical activities.
  • Ensuring the compliance of the organization hygiene and safety protocols, both individually and collectively as well as informing staff of existing biological risks.
  • Performing laboratory tests and carrying out sample collection (serology, hematology, biochemistry, bacteriology, parasitology …) in accordance with prescriptions as well as ensuring that quality control tests are carried out regularly. Informing the doctor of the results of the tests and keeping a record of the analysis with data from patients.
  • Ensuring proper management (cleaning, maintenance, arranging) of all laboratory equipment and the adequate supply of needed equipment and material in order to prevent stock-outs. This includes being responsible for all required automatic instrument calibration, ensuring that no material is taken out of laboratories without prior authorization, and carrying out a proper storage system and conditions, inventory, etc. In cooperation with the logistics department, ensuring that the cold chain is properly maintained in Laboratory areas for both, samples and reagents.
  • In the absence of a Laboratory Manager, ensuring proper registration and needs of all lab-related activities and implementing a correct use of the associated management tool (EpyTryp. Etc.) in order to have a proper recording of laboratory activities. Preparing and sending slides/samples for external quality control.
  • Supervising, in close coordination with the HR department, the associated processes (recruitment, training/induction, coaching, evaluation, potential detection, development and communication) of the staff under his/her responsibility in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required
  • Ensuring that all staff using medical devices are qualified and trained. Ensuring the cleaning and minor maintenance tasks are performed according to the protocols. Reporting any malfunction to the project biomedical service.
  • Producing regular reports on the testing and on any issues / problems related to laboratory personnel and / or the material used.

Specific Accountabilities

  • Will be responsible for maintaining the quality of sputum microscopy, GeneXpert testing, and the smooth functioning of laboratory services.
  • Supervise, define and update laboratory activities and participate in medical diagnosis and treatment of diseases
  • Perform quality-control tests and analyses, ensure compliance with the basic plans of the laboratory and ensure that tests such as serology, hematology, biochemistry, bacteriology, parasitology, compatibility, etc. are correctly performed
  • Organize smear examination in all designated microscopy centers and run properly the GeneXpert testing
  • Organize regular training and continuing education of laboratory technicians
  • Supervise all designed microscopy centers and GeneXpert testing at least once a month or any other job assigned as per the program needs.
  • Ensure that hygiene and safety protocols such as required clothing and equipment are implemented in laboratories and that cleaning personnel are informed about biohazards
  • Ensure proper registration and records of all lab-related activities; prepare and send slides/samples for external quality control; check and oversee the proper maintenance of equipment (e.g. updated inventories of laboratory materials and equipment)
  • Ensure confidentiality of all patient laboratory results at all times, in accordance with the protocols in place
  • Manage, train, and supervise the laboratory team through activities such as recruitment, defining job descriptions, capacity-building, briefing/debriefing, and evaluation of staff
  • Compile, analyze and report on lab activities and results and participate in the development of epidemiological reports

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Other Information’s:

Nothing to Mention.

How to Apply:

“Important to follow, otherwise the application will not be considered”

·         Applicants must send their CV in English only, cover letter and Education Certificates to the email ( ) no later than: 05:00 PM   11/4/2022

·         Applications must clearly state “LABORATORY SUPERVISOR” in the subject line of the email.

·         Applicants must clearly state their experiences in Month/Year basis in their CVs.

·         Please send the application once only.

  • Incomplete applications will not be consider. (no job title indicated, applications submitted by paper, no Education certificates and/or CV)

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